Unico Nutrition Protein Bars Review

I finally caved in and purchased some Unico Nutrition bars!  I was a little hesitant at first for a few reasons. 1) I already have a lot of protein bars in my cupboard and 2) I didn’t want to commit to a whole box and end up not liking them.  I read a few reviews on the bars and decided to try them.  I purchased a whole box of the vanilla frosted chocolate brownie (Chocolate lover over here 🙋🏼) and one bar of the iced cinnamon roll.  They arrived within a few days and I immediately went in to try the chocolate flavor.

The chocolate bar was surprisingly good.  I say surprisingly because I feel like protein bars are either hit or miss.  Luckily, I really enjoyed this bar.  There was a white chocolate coating that gave it a nice crunchy texture and complimented the chewier middle chocolate brownie portion.  Overall I think this is a great go-to protein bar and has a great balance between between flavors.  I will update this review once I try the cinnamon roll bar. 🙂

If you ‘re looking to purchase these bars for yourself, the link is hereYou can also use code “LAURA” to save you 15% and there’s always free shipping over $50.  Enjoy!

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