Chocolate PB Protein Truffles

I’ve been on the hunt for some delicious protein balls but it seems that every time I make them, they end up chalky or really high in fat from all the peanut butter.  I stumbled across @GraceFitUK’s recipe and after reading some of the reviews, decided to test them out.  To my surprise, they weren’t chalky and actually tasted like truffles!  I made some minor adjustments to her recipe to tailor it to my likes but it’s pretty darn close.  Below is the recipe I used.  Please let me know if you try this recipe out and how you like it!

120g Chocolate Peanut Butter Unico Nutrition Protein Powder (code “LAURA” for 15% off)
50g almond flour
40g cacao powder
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
Almond milk
Shredded flakes

Mix protein powder, almond flour, cacao powder and cinnamon together.  Gradually add in almond milk until mixture is fully coated and wet.  This is usually about 1/2 – 1 cup. Roll dough by the tablespoons into balls and then into shredded coconut.  Once coated, place the ball on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and repeat.  Place balls in refrigerated until set.  Once set, store in air tight container in fridge.  Makes approximately 20 balls.

Protein Truffles

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