Real Good Pizza Review

Most of us enjoy pizza and if you’re like me you could eat pizza every day and not get sick of it.  I try to eat healthy and indulge in pizza every now and then but definitely not as much as I’d like.  Since I’ve started weight lifting, I try to get at least 30% protein from my daily food intake.  That’s a little hard to do with pizza since it’s mostly carbs.  That being said, I was probably a little too excited when I found out about Real Good Pizza.  It’s a low carb, high protein pizza that actually tastes good!  To lower the carb count, they use chicken instead of dough.  This also means that it’s grain free and gluten free.  It has 4g of carbs and 25g of protein.  It is a little high in fat because of the cheese but healthy fat is always good to have in your diet and it is still a great, healthy substitution for your regular pizza.

Real Good Foods is a relatively new company, which means there aren’t many places that sell their product yet.  However, they recently started selling them in select stores which you can find from their store locator on their website.  You can also buy their pizzas online which is what I did.  You have to purchase them by the case and there is a 2 case minimum (12 pizzas total) so I suggest splitting it with a friend if you don’t want to buy that many pizzas just yet.  You can also use my discount code LAURA for 10% off your purchase and free shipping.  

I ordered my pizzas before the New Year holiday, they were shipped within 3 business days and arrived 2 days later on my doorstep.  My first thought when opening the box was, “Wow, this is a lot smaller than I thought…”  I’ve had frozen personal pizzas before and this one seemed smaller than average.  However, my mind was already set on having pizza for dinner, so I popped the supreme pizza into the oven for 20 minutes and waited for it to cook.  I took it out of the oven and tried my first bite (after taking a few pictures of course) and to my surprise it was delicious!  Even with it being smaller than I wanted, it satisfied my craving and actually tasted like pizza.  The crust didn’t get as crispy as regular crust (obviously since it’s made from chicken) but it still had a nice flavor and texture.  Overall, I would definitely eat it again and am looking forward to my next Real Good Pizza!

If you try one, let me know what you think in the comments below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Edit: I just tried this in the microwave and I would highly suggest cooking it in the oven instead.  It is 1000 times better.  If you’re short on time, it was fine in the microwave but I definitely prefer it cooked in the oven.

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